You have limited service hours in this life. Lets make them count in a way that PAYS and facilitates your highest client results!

VIP 90 1:1 day immersion

My 1:1 services are for CEOs who are ready to scale. Please book a free and obligation free Soul Empire Consult here so that I can assess your needs and share how you can double your revenue AND your potency in the next 90 days.


Group Program: High-End Sales Mastery

Package up your genius; Your high end curriculum, offers and programs

Learn how to package up your genius so that you can command the big bucks without trading in your ethics or becoming a used car salesman.

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The art of packaging allows you to facilitate much greater outcomes than you ever could on a single session model, whilst attracting clients that are clear on what is required to achieve their desires and who are ready to commit to the journey.

When you are clear on your curriculum and preferred package structure, the pathway to uncapped

Make sales a sacred and Joyful process that converts with ease, no manipulation or ick required, even with a 4 or 5 figure price tag. Once mastered, the sale is where your clients transformation begins!

There are crucial steps when working high end that make or break your conversion. Learn the strategy and sales process and receive laser coaching and support as you practice in a away that is totally you and that works.

Your content needs to lead to conversations. Most people don’t know how to create copy, videos and content that moves people to MOVE. Intellectual resonance is not enough. Solving the perceived problems with the tops and convert with ease.

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What you Get


Receive immediate access to the online Training after your first payment and change your trajectory instantly!

Online Classes include:

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Package your genius:

Learn the vibrational and structural foundations of packaging that allow you to shift your paradigm and command the big bucks with ease,, integrity and speed (90min training)

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Sales without sleaze:

Learn the sales and energetic strategy that allows you to SERVE with ever interaction, sell with class and hold compassion for your client as the first priority. (90min training)

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Embody the riches:

Learn the secret process that ushers you into your fullest expression. You need to be SEEN IN your zone of power so that dream clients are effortlessly magnetised to work with you. Fully own the power of your work all levels and all areas and express it sp that your client can understand it. This is YOUR unique resonance of riches. (60min training)

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HESM Content strategy:

Learn the foundations of Tori’s signature content strategy that connects and converts. The key is not perceived problems, hacks, tips, tricks or even personal story. All of these elements add value, but they are not the engine that drives sales. This is. Powerful connection is now at your fingertips every day. (45min training)

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Bonus mini trainings:

On good niching, warm leads and copy.

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Documents & Workbooks:

Change your relationship with money, soul client outline, core outcomes, package your genius.

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Sacred sales call prep, soak your cells in abundance, invocation.

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6 x 90min LIVE group coaching sessions:

Laser strategy and guidance from Tori on zoom, including live offer edits, interactive sales traing and Q&A.

We will refine your whole sales process, from content to conversation to conversion to get you SELLING high end. Come as you are, bring your offers, content and qustions and take your business toa new level every week.

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Time Investment. You will need:

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6 hours to work through the trainings and documents.

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90mins of each weekly coaching call (9hours total)

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Approx 2 Hours per week to implement in your business (up to 12 hours total)


This time varies depending on your stage f biz and the level of experience.
Tori also recommends an additional 20-30min each day for your vibrational velocity practice.

Total: 27 hours

$2,997 US
Upfront saves $600!
or 2 payments of $1,797

Next Round Pricing will be $3,497* upfront or 2 payments of $2,097*