How to niche for money and freedom

The Random Pull effect of good niching

Many women in start up (and even when attempting to scale), struggle with the fact that they need to EXCLUDE the majority of their potential market in order to niche properly.

So let’s say you have an online service based business and your work is transformational. Essentially you could really help anyone, right? Well what niching asks you to do, is to speak only to a specific group of people.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “I’m really going to have to completely exclude all those other people? That’s horrible! I’m not comfortable doing that and also, like how are we ever going to make enough sales just talking to this one small group?”

But chances are, this specific group is actually many hundreds of thousands of people globally. And if you have an online business you have a global business and if you were to only serve 1 percent of those many hundreds of thousands, you would be fully booked and fully banked!

Now this is where the random pull effect of good niching comes in to play.

When you’re only speaking to a specific group, you’re using very specific language and you’re speaking about their current 3D reality situation. You’re speaking about their current pain in very specific terms, not general terms like ‘stress’ or ‘stressed’ or ‘tired’ or ‘scared’.

You’re really spelling it out for them, so that they are hit on the heart!

They’re like “oh my god, she’s talking to me. She’s talking about me. How did she get inside my head? That’s the exact conversation I’ve been having with myself these last few days”


Then, someone NOT in your specific niche sees this and they are ALSO hit in the heart.  Even though it’s not their current situation. Maybe you speak to something their loved one is going through, their mother or their husband, etc.

It’s the specificity that activates, that is magnetizing, that is compelling, that cuts through the white noise and wakes us up from the tranquilliser affected scrolling.

It’s specificity that makes us know you exist.

So now this person who is NOT in your niche has said “wow! You’re talking about my mum (or husband)!” and THEY reach out to you and say “ I’ve seen your work and what you describe is not exactly me but its my mother and so I feel the same way. Do you think we could still have a conversation? Do you think that your work could still help me?”

That’s the random pull effect of good niching

It works because anyone OUTSIDE of your niche who on a soul level is destined to work with you, or whom you would really love to help will reach out even though they don’t fit the brief. They only do that because they were activated by your specificity, by how compelling your message was.

And yet if you TRY to include them? You lose that, so you actually LOSE them.

If you lose the specificity you sacrifice activating ANY audience

So make sure that you own a niche and that you speak to a specific ideal soul client, knowing that the random pull effect of good niching will still serve you.

You will still have other people reach out, who don’t quite fit the brief of who you’re talking to and that is a beautiful blessing that keeps your work lovely and varied.

And I always recommend you niche based on the WHO rather than the how and that you really commit to excluding the majority, knowing that the random pull effect is still going to be there is still going to serve you and them if you commit 100% to your zone.

That part cannot be over said. You have to commit to your market before you can ever expect them to commit to you. So make sure you do it and make sure you do it fast because the faster you do it, the faster you’re in solvent service.

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