How to bring GRACE to selling so you LOVE it!

It can be hard to bring grace to your sales process when you’ve got baggage about money and ‘rich’ people being evil!  I should know, that was me! 

Logically we know it’s untrue, but as soon as a sales conversation starts, you can’t pretend its not there. It makes everything awkward, ungraceful and REPELS conversion. Ick. 

The solution is a multi pronged approach. There are beliefs and energetic patterns you will need to give up to move beyond this.  What has been the benefit of holding onto the baggage? Answer this question and things become much clearer.

Perhaps the benefit of holding onto these patterns has been to not rock the family boat, to stay small, and to make choosing easy (no money = no choice – very straight forward!) 

Many women serve so naturally that deep down they don’t believe it warrants payment and so often the beliefs of ‘I don’t deserve’ and ‘it can’t be that easy’ play out.


The other piece of the puzzle is that you need an OFFER that you know in your BONES is worth at least 10x the investment price you’re asking so that you don’t feel gross about the price point, even if it is high end.

Let’s accept the fact that you can’t actually help your client to their destination unless you work together and they do their part of the work. That means they need to fully understand what it takes to get there and be ready for that process. That’s on YOU to explain to them. This is what selling actually is. It’s not convincing someone to buy your thing. It’s helping the other person take the next step on their journey in a way that is aligned with their highest good. It’s about THEM. 

It’s time to remove YOURSELF from the equation when talking about the value of the work. 

You are priceless, this is not about you or your value.It’s about the work and its value. Once you can make that distinction on every layer of your being, the sale process does genuinely feel like a loving way to serve. 

Sales are the very lifeblood of your business. They are not a step you can skip or skimp over and succeed.

To get clear on what selling high end would do for your business and what that might look like, click here to book an obligation free consult with me or my team.


P.S: We work from the outside in AND the inside out, as Nisha shares:

P.S: We work from the outside in AND the inside out, as Nisha shares:
While my initial focus was on becoming more at ease on video, the content Tori shared has led to a major overhaul of the way in which I am of service to others. In essence, she held space for a transformational inner journey which totally exceeded my expectations and was worth every cent! It required a deep dive into meeting my shadows and learning to value the uniqueness of my soul work.
I especially appreciated Tori’s realness, generosity and flexibility as she allowed space for my process to unfold at the pace it needed to so that I could “re-wire” into a newer version of myself.”