About Me

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You have an online service based business and you’re driven by your soul purpose to serve to your highest potential this life. Hello, soul sister!

I help amazing women like you maximize your revenue and client results by mastering high end sales and delivery. But its about SO much more than that.

I’ll be honest, my business TANKED for the first two years. I was caught in a cycle of overwork and over delivery and whilst my clients were having amazing results in their business, I was in struggle street.

My family life was suffering as a result of my stress and the freedom I quit my job to achieve eluded me and I started to think things like ‘maybe I just don’t have what it takes’. Constantly hustling in FB groups to drum up new business and churn the numbers to stay under earning saw me burn out three times.

I decided enough was enough.

I restructured my work to own its full power and went from selling $150 sessions to $4k packages in a matter of days. My client results skyrocketed, I tapped into my true uninhibited expression and potency and I’ve never looked back.

To serve as MANY people as possible from overflow, you actually need to start at the TOP, not the bottom. Your highest potential work at its highest potential price point. Anything less dilutes your genius, potency and purpose this life. You’re a successful CEO now, it’s time to align your strategy and sales with your potency!

Whether you’re scaling or a seasoned CEO, book a chat with me to learn how YOU can double your revenue in the next 90 days.

I can’t wait to meet you!