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Get my High End Sales Secrets..

When I started my business, I got stuck pitching for peanuts and hustling for $150 sessions.

I burnt out 3 times in 3 years. As a strategist, I knew there were more sustainable business models, but I couldn’t reconcile that with being a heart centred woman who actually cares.

It wasn’t until I drew a line in the sand and tapped into these high end sales secrets that I was able to shift into a high end sales paradigm with my integrity in tact.

This work allowed me to build my soul empire and serve to my highest potential.

My clients started to get AMAZING results ($2k months to $10k months in 60 days type amazing!) and I’ve never looked back.

My High End Sales Secrets will teach you:


How to stop pitching for peanuts and instead command the big bucks


How to PROVE that you are the real deal to your soul clients


The sacred shift that makes sales easy, fun and addictive, even at 4 or 5 figures

This is how I took myself and my clients from struggle to solvency with rapid ease and grace. I’m so excited to share it with you because this work will set you free.

Free to be fully expressed, to ONLY work with soul clients and to have that feed your family and fund your dreams while honouring your soul purpose.

I don’t hold anything back in this training!

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Tori Crewes Business Strategist & High End Sales Specialist

Hi I'm Tori Crewes, Business Strategist & High End Sales Specialist. I help successful CEOs sell their highest potential work at its highest potential price point, for maximum impact and contribution this life.

If you’re done with hustling your heart out and you’re ready to serve from potency, book a free and obligation free Soul Empire Consult with me. You’ll learn what you need to do to shape shift into you your sustainable, scalable soul empire in 90 days or less. Book HERE


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How i care for my energy as a sensitive, intuitive introvert in business.

Whilst it’s true that I love to speak and I’m not afraid to get on camera, the truth is I recharge ALONE. I am NOT someone who can work 60 hours a week and then go and drink margaritas with the girls. Never have been.

Why some women struggle to sell high end... or sell at all!

Until very recently, little girls were not naturally taught how to be vocal and clear about the amazing things they could do. At least not when I was growing up. Don’t get me wrong, my parents were always very generous with praise, but there were silent variations in the type of praise delivered by society for boys and girls and what was considered praise worthy.


How to bring grace to selling so you LOVE it!

It can be hard to bring grace to your sales process when you’ve got baggage about money and ‘rich’ people being evil!  I should know, that was me!  Logically we know it’s untrue, but as soon as a sales conversation starts, you can’t pretend its not there.  


Do you struggle to commit to a niche because you don’t want to exclude people?

So let's say you have an online service based business and your work is transformational. Essentially you could really help anyone, right? Well what niching asks you to do, is to speak only to a specific group of people.